How to remove an object from Squid

From: John Saunders <>
Date: 26 Jan 1997 05:41:07 GMT

Once or twice I get a complaint about an object that lives in the cache
but it's truncated. It's usually a large .ZIP file and that fact that it's
truncated can be figured out by the missing table of contents (which is
placed at the end of the file). Prevously I have told the customer to
turn off the proxy while fetching that URL, and to turn the proxy back on
after they have it. But the real solution requires a way to remove the
object from the cache. There currently exists a "Refresh URL" option but
I don't think this is what I want. Can a "Delete URL" option be added to
the cache manager?

I have also tried telnet'ing to the proxy port and issuing a GET for
the URL but specifying "Pragma: no-cache". Once the binary data starts
flowing I kill the telnet session. Is this a safe way of flushing an

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