Re: Ethernet Cards for Linux.

From: Eugene Geldenhuys <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 05:37:32 +0800

We've had a lot of success with the 3Com PCI cards (3C59X) running
Slackware 2.1.
A good fast configuration is ASUSTEK pentium system board with Cyrix 686
133, Adaptec 2940UW, 3Com3C590, Stallion PCI easyio, Micropolis 4Gb
wide SCSI drive.
No surprises here, everything hangs together well and basic
installation is uncomplicated.

Mark Newton wrote:
> Horst Poehlmann wrote:
> > Well, I've been running redhat linux for a long time now (since 2.1 I
> > think) and the card that has given me the least trouble is the 3COM
> > etherlink III card. Its not one of the cheapest, but is one of the most
> > reliable. The PCI card costs around $200 and the ISA card about $155.
> Be aware that early revisions of the PCI version of the card had a
> PROM bug which made them *very* lossy under UNIX. We bought some
> through work about six months ago and found that even though the
> bug was fixed over a year ago they were still shipping the faulty
> ones in Austrlia.
> One way to find out whether the bug is in your PROM is to find
> a FreeBSD boot floppy (:-) and boot it up: The probe information
> for the "vx0" device driver will contain diagnostic text explaining
> that your PROM revision is too early if you have the bug.
> - mark
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