A traceroute needed

From: Gregory Borodiansky <aliceoy@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 05:09:03 +0200

Hello everybody,

My prob. is very little related to Squid.
I just need a small favour from You.

May You please, send me a traceroute report from your site to the host:
(this host belongs to ZD NET, open university ZDU. A big group of
our new customers is their students).
 http://www.zdu.com - their main page is reachable without probs.,
but I can get nowhere from there(provided I know the user name and
password). They claim the problem is our proxy, browser, etc...
I fight the brob. is their _super_secure_firewall_ or routing.
I can't imagine two hosts within one organisation, one reachable
and another not(presumably both MUST be reachable), because of the
browser or proxy(or even my router - but I have only default route and
a few static ones).
Especially important are reports from those of You connected
via IBM Global Network(as we do).
As I've found I _CAN_ retrieve data from this host(
via our parents <bo.cache.nlanr.net> and <uc.cache.nlanr.net>.
The same time I can't get this site directly nor via <proxy.easynet.fr>.
Of course, our usage of Squid solves this prob., but only partially.
Not everybody wants to use a proxy, I have to find the truth...

Many thanks for your time.

 Gregory, admin of IsraCom.
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