Re: Squid on Alpha - DNS problems.

From: Brian Denehy <>
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997 23:34:05 +1100

| p.s: if its such a common problem, i suppose it merits mention in the
| Squid FAQ?

I don't think the squid FAQ is the right place. In large letters
on it should be inscribed that "this is good software. it
may be dangerous for your system's health. especially if you don't
understand it." It's not just squid that it bites. I won't go into my
personal woes caused by header files being twiddled, but I will say it
took me much too long before I found out about that particular BIND
feature on the system having it. If I had been directly looking after
BIND, it may have been different, but we tend to take the DNS for

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