From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 97 12:50:59 -0800 writes:

>Greetings SQUIDers!
>This is the scenario:
>Proxy-A = A Squid running on Computer A
>Proxy-B = Another squid running on Computer B
>I have Squid running on Proxy-A.
>And I had configured and ran another squid on Proxy-B and
>set Proxy-A as *parent* in Proxy-B squid.conf, which I believed
>is read because the cache.log(after I ran squid in Proxy-B) says:
> Starting Squid cache "blah"
> "blah"
> Configuring parent <Proxy-A> <-- !!!
> "blah"
>The questions is, why do I get UDP_DENIED on Proxy-A access.log
>whenever a browser(pointed at Proxy-B) accessed an URL?
>And in Proxy-B access.log, it tells me that it goes "DIRECT"
>to the source instead using the Proxy-A's cache, when the object is
>"found and available" in Proxy-A.

You need to make sure proxy-B is allowed to access proxy-A.

Check the 'acl', 'icp_access', and 'http_access' lines in the
config file of proxy-A.

>Which squid.conf and where should I make modifications to tell
>Proxy-B to check Proxy-A's cache. And what TAG will tell Proxy-B
>to "cache or not cache" the objects "if found" in Proxy-A.
>One more thing, I had jumped from 1.0.20 to 1.1.6, I was wondering
>where did the "hierarchy.log" went and why was it not needed anymore.

It is combined into access.log.

Duane W.
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