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From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 97 11:19:54 +0100

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> We urgently need to know if there is a way to determine the path

If this is urgent, find a better subject. I usually delete meaningless
stuff like that one.

> of a cached document in the squid cache from the informations
> contained in the differents lof files of squid. Please, it's really
> urgent, due to a mistyped command, we have deleted very precious
> documents and our last hope is to find copies of them in our Squid
> cache. We know that they are probably in the cache...but where ????

Squid 1.0 :

grep the-regexp-on-the-URL /the-cache/log

and the file name is the first field.

Squid 1.1 :

grep the-regexp-on-the-URL /the-cache/log

and the file number is the first field. The relationship between this
file number and the file name being more complicated (see store.c),
you'll probably have to write a little program to do the translation.

(It's also may be in the national cache, give me the details and I'll
look into it.)
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