Re: squid + ftp = degraded performance?

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 17:34:08 +0000

On Fri 21 Feb, 1997, Ian Cooper <> wrote:
>Normal response time through a monitoring script we have is around 0.2
>seconds. However, it appears that the whole service slows down
>(response times typically >50 seconds) when there are ftp requests
>being made.
>Has anyone else seen this? (And if so, do you have a fix?)

Can you give a details of the file and size of that file that you're
ftp'ing when this is happening? Also, what max object size do you
have set for ftp? (In fact, with 1.1.* that's just maximum_object_size
isn't it?) Is there any other base load on Squid at that time?

I can't see how it could be ftpget, itself, that has caused this,
but if it were a large enough file it might be getting deleted
as it goes: perhaps that is tweaking some performance bug?

>SGI Challenge S, IRIX 5.3, IP22 128MB RAM
>cache_mem 35
>cache_swap 16000
>ftpget_options -n 60 -W -t 300
>dns_children 12

My development machine is 6.2, w/ 192MB RAM. But I don't think
that's where the problem lies.

-- jrg.
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