Squid getting slow...?

From: Antti Rytsola <raccoon@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 14:05:13 +0200


        We're using squid (1.1.7 at the moment) with Pentium 133 / 64 Megs.
        With about 8 gigs of Proxied stuff with 180 t requests / day the
        proxy is really getting slow. The HardDrive is BusMaster SCSI
        (Adaptec), so I don't think it's that one either. The machine itself
        seems fast, (CPU load < 0.50) and hard disk seems fast.
        I've checked out the there's enough DNS's (atleast 3 avail always),
        and enough FileDescriptors. The only thing I can think of that the
        Database is getting slow with that many files. It would fit the

        I haven't changed the default configuration settings on most parts,
        so the store_objects_per_bucket is 50 and store_avg_object_size
        is 20. Directories are 16 * 256 (the default?).
        Could anyone point out something in the configuration that troubles
        the squid really bad? I mean, it's so much faster to use web without
        the squid that the proxy loses it's meaning.. *grin*.

        Any advise more than Welcome.


        					Antti Rytsola
						Data Link Connections
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