Re: url_regex & urlpath_regex

From: Martin Boening <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 97 13:06:00 MET


> Hi,
> How can i use a acl rule to disable sites like *sex* in my squid.conf ?
> I'm trying to use:
> acl SEXO urlpath-regex ^sex$ or acl SEXO url_regex ^sex$
> But, don't work.
> Currently i'm using HPUX-10.01.
> Any help is welcome.
> Thanks.

The rules you mention only filter URLS beginning with (^) and ending on ($)
'sex'. If you want to match wildcards containing 'sex' (e.g. *sex* in shell
globbing terms), you should probably filter on something like:

acl SEXO url_regex .*sex.*

However, this is a dangerous filter because it matches sex in any substring
of an URL. You'll probably cut your users off from normal sites also, if
'sex' occurs somewhere in the url. (Not that I know of any, but you can
never be sure).

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