Re: Memory usage Squid ... or how to limit it...

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 97 09:12:46 -0800 writes:

>If you set the maximum object size to say, for example, 4MB, does
>it still hold the full 100 meg in memory or does it just pass the
>data straight through and not hold anything in memory?

As soon as the 'maximum_object_size' limit is reached, the entry goes
into a mode where we free the memory up to the lowest offset of all
clients reading the data. So normally, if there is only one
client then that large object will not up any memory.

>How usable/stable are the NOVM versions now?

There are still some bugs, and I have yet to merge the changes
since 1.1.7 and 1.1.8.

Duane W.
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