Re: store.log

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 21:49:38 +0100

src/store.c, function storeLog

I don't think there is any up to date documentation (or any
documentation at all)

The format is (unless I missed something)
time action reply-code server-date last-modified expires content-type
content-length real-content-length? request-method store-key

time=current time in seconds
reply-code=HTTP reply code
server-date=HTTP Date
last-modified=Date when last modified (according to the source)
expires=When the object expires
content-length=Expected content length
real-content-lengt=Received content length (exluding headers)?
request-method=Request method
store-key=Usually the URL...

Henrik Nordström
Natchu Vishnu Priya wrote:
> Can you tell me where i can find info about the format of store.log
> I can't it anywhere.
> -vishnu
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