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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:53:32 +1000

Do you know of any programs that can be used with a proxy to do ftping
that let you tag
up multiple files etc?

Netscape and IE are a pain because you can only select one file at a

Would it be possible for an ftp program to parse ftp listings just like
netscape does, but give
a much better interface?



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>Subject: Re: WS FTP
>On Mon, 17 Mar 1997, RHS Linux User wrote:
>> I have a client who wants to use WS FTP client through a squid proxy. I
>> played with the "firewall" settings a little on WS FTP but couldn't get
>> it to work. Any ideas?
>Squid (like the proxy module in Apache, like the proxy capability in
>CERN/W3C httpd, like...) is a Web proxy, not a traditional protocol proxy
>for firewalls. As such, it doesn't talk native protocols on both sides of
>the request - it talks only HTTP between itself (the proxy) and the
>browser, and uses the native protocol (HTTP, Gopher, FTP) between itself
>and the remote originating site.
>As such, to use the proxy your client must use HTTP - which WS_FTP does
>not, being an FTP client...
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