Re: Spam response?

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 16:22:09 +0200

Karl Ferguson writes:
> This is starting to get off-topic, but...
I feel that the original request was not off topic.
Spammers are normally just sitting on the back of some other company, or idiots
For those cases, all you normally need to do is flame the sysadmin and
they close the account.

With some other ones ( is one of them) they just keep mailing you,
their entire business is based around spam. With these people they
just redirect all flames to devnull. We (system operators) need to show
them that their actions aren't "socially acceptable".

Since a large segment of SA uses our cache, if we block access to their
web page, their mail system (we can just drop their routes after a specific
number of warnings to the SOA, Whois info and senders of the mail)
we can reduce their target audience (possibly more if they slowly remove
people that object) in literally 5 minutes. This hasn't been necessary
for us. If we used the URL-rewriter to point people going to their
web page and tell them that this url has been blocked because of their
email, it educates users too, so that there are less of these people
doing "spam mail" from our dialin section and so on.

> I like to see spammers get busted. I find that a lot of administrators do
got a script to do the whois and SOA lookups? :)

Ok. Back to the central topic. You can write a perl script using the
re-writer example as a basis, that will read a file that contains a list of
"naughty" URLs, and when someone tries to go to them, re-write the URL
to point to a page on your web site, giving an explanation of why the page
was blocked, and a couple of links to relevant pages.

I would also state that we will remove the ban if someone wants us to
(from our userbase) or after a certain period of time.

Guys - let's try not to turn this into an "anti-spam" brigade group. The last
one that I was on that tried to do that eventually go subscribed to a couple
of spam mailing lists and everything went beserk.

Ok if we stop this here?

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