Re: Authentication implementation

From: Pedro Lineu Orso <>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 08:14:30 -0300

David Richards wrote:
> I am David Richards from the Queensland University of Technology,
> Australia. I am currently involved in a project that requires a
> proxy/cache server that will authenticate with a username and password.
> Also needed is for this information to be logged.
> I am enquiring as to whether this type of access control is going to be
> implemented into Squid. Is anyone working on it it?
> Thanks,
> David J. Richards

Hi David

Squid authentication work's fine to me.
You must set the proxy_auth tag in your squid.conf file, in my case:

# TAG: proxy_auth
# Usage: proxy_auth passwd_file [ ignore-domain ]
# 'passwd_file' is an apache-style file of passwords for
# authenticated proxy access Looks like user:password, with the
# password being standard crypt() format. Proxy authentication
# is disabled by default.
# 'ignore-domain' is a domain name for which authorization will
# *not* be required.
#proxy_auth /dev/null
proxy_auth /usr/local/squid/etc/auth/passwd

Passwd is a password file created by htpasswd (ncsa or apache server).
You must restart your squid to validate your new password: squid -k
If you have problems to do this, please contact me.

See you.

Pedro L Orso
HSBC Bamerindus
Received on Wed Apr 02 1997 - 03:34:54 MST

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