Re: Linux 2.0.29-ISS and squid = too many fds open?

From: Franz Sirl <>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 20:23:34 +0200

At 14:09 Uhr +0200 06-04-1997, Oskar Pearson wrote:
>Franz Sirl writes:
>> At 21:38 Uhr +0200 04-04-1997, Toens Bueker wrote:
>> >Hi *,
>> >
>> >I've got a strange phenomenon with linux-2.0.29ISS and
>> >squid-1.1.9.
>> >
>> >Occasionally I get an error, that my 'personal' squid is
>> >too busy to take further requests because there are no
>> >file descriptors left.
>> >I have 256 fds available - and shortly after the error
>> >there were close to 240 available.
>> >
>> >Anybody out there with similiar sightings?
>> Yes, it seems that with 1.1.9 some sockets stay in the CLOSE state
>> unusually long (could be client related, Netscape2.0?). This didn't happen
>> with 1.1.8 and before.
>Do yourself a favor - increase the number of filedescriptors linux can handle.
>Get the patch at
>or filehandle.patch.linux.v1 (may not work, but I have it there anyway)
>You will have to manually change the value in include/autoconf.h
>after running "./configure" like this
>#define DEFAULT_FD_SETSIZE 4096
>#define SQUID_MAXFD 1024
>Please tell me if you have hassles.

Basically you are right, I think this would be an option for Toens Bueker,
but I am running a small company internet server and I would be really
surprised if I would have more than 150 used fd's (all fd's not just
Squid's). And I definitely saw this behaviour never before 1.1.9. The
sockets get closed, but it usually takes a while for that to happen (CLOSE
state means that the client closed the socket, but Squid hasn't yet). And
currently it only happens with a certain client, that's why I suspected
that it only happens with certain browsers. Tomorrow I will check what
browser that client uses.


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