Squid and Web Counters

From: Network Administration - Greg Niemialkowski <gregn@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 00:37:22 -0400

We started running Squid a few days ago. We run version 1.1.9. and have
couple of problems:

In our BSDI 2.1 box we have 64M of RAM istalled. We set up Squid to use
only 8M of RAM right now.
When I run top utility, it shows that Squid actually uses 25M and system
starts running low on memory. Initially we had it set up for 16M but after
running low I changed the settings and restarted the proxy.
Are we doing anything wrong?

Second problem regards web pages, counters to be precise.
Very weird thing happens with the Web counters that our users have set up
on their personal home pages. Instead of showing the correct reading they
show 88888888. Problem disappears when you turn the proxy off.
Has anybody experienced the same problem?
If yes, how did you fix it, or maybe it is one of the trade-offs for using
this software? Other than that it runs great, ... so far.



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