Re: Squid and Web Counters

From: furio ercolessi <>
Date: Mon Apr 7 01:24:48 1997

> Very weird thing happens with the Web counters that our users have set up
> on their personal home pages. Instead of showing the correct reading they
> show 88888888. Problem disappears when you turn the proxy off.

You are probably using Muquit's counter
( ).
Are you running it in 'strict mode'? If yes, try disabling strict
mode in the counter configuration file.
If this makes the problem go away, then probably Squid makes
some changes to the "Referer" variable that the counter does not like.

We are at Squid 1.1.3 and no such problem.

furio ercolessi
Received on Mon Apr 07 1997 - 01:24:48 MDT

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