Re: Error from xmalloc

From: Lincoln Dale <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 23:11:15 +1000

In message <>, hz258he@unidui. writes:
>I'd installed squid-1.1.8 on a HP-UX B.10.20 E 9000/871 Box. The RAM-Size is
>512 MB. After I had increased the default value of cache_mem to 120 MB I found
>the following message neerly three times a hour:

>Apr 11 11:58:30 d370-hrz squid[4577]: xmalloc: Unable to allocate 4096 bytes!
>Apr 11 12:30:42 d370-hrz squid[5108]: xcalloc: Unable to allocate 4096

you probably need to tune the kernel parameters maxdsiz and maxssiz.
while you're at it, you probably also want to touch maxfiles. also,
hpux has a dictator approach to buffer-cache management. you probably
want to change the bufpages setting too.

all these are from memory, and applied in the days of HP-UX 9.xx. i'm
sure they apply equally to hpux10 though.

maxdsiz is the maximum data size, probably should be set to amount of swap
maxssiz is the maximum stack size.
maxfiles is the number of file descriptors per process
i always went on bufpages = 0.1 * RAM(mb) * 256


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