Re: fallback list of single parents ?

From: Malcolm B.J. Garbutt <>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 09:34:33 +1000 (EST)

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, Thomas Mechtersheimer wrote:

> Hi !
> Is the following configurations possible with squid: ?
> Currently I have squid configured to use a single default parent.
> I cannot use ICP with this parent. If the connection to this parent
> fails, squid will start to fetch documents directly until the parent
> becomes available again. That works fine.
> Now I want squid to connect to a different parent if (and only if)
> the first one fails or is unavailable. How do I configure this ?

In the line where you specified the parent listings enter:

weight=50 (or any number) at the end of the line where you specify which
parent you want as the prefered.

> If I list both parents in the cache_host section, squid will always
> fetch objects from the second parent, as this one answers ICP queries,
> and the first one does not; even if I configure a large weight to the
> second parent.
> But I do not want to use the second parent at all, as long as the first
> one is available.
> Another solution for my strange configuration would be to have the ICP port
> for a parent on a different host than the proxy port; but this seems to be
> impossible to configure...
> Thomas
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