Re: fallback list of single parents ?

From: Thomas Mechtersheimer <>
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 23:35:13 +0200 (MET DST) (Thomas Mechtersheimer) writes:
>Now I want squid to connect to a different parent if (and only if)
>the first one fails or is unavailable. How do I configure this ?
>If I list both parents in the cache_host section, squid will always
>fetch objects from the second parent, as this one answers ICP queries,
>and the first one does not; even if I configure a large weight to the
>second parent.
>But I do not want to use the second parent at all, as long as the first
>one is available.

It seems this is only possible if I add the "no-query" option to the
second cache. But then it will not be used as a fallback when the first
cache is unavailable (looking at the source: this is because neighborsCount()
only counts peers that would be pinged. If I set "no-query" for all caches,
none of them will be used :-( ).
I solved this by setting the "inside_firewall" option; if the first cache
will become unavailable, squid will use the second one as "FIRST_UP_PARENT".
Unfortunately this method will fail if all caches are down :-(
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