Re: difference between MSIE and NS?

From: Jacques B. Dimanche <>
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 19:58:39 +0800

At 01:05 AM 5/1/97 -0400, Kip DeGraaf wrote:

>I've been watching this for over two weeks and our staff doesn't notice
>anything unusual going on at that machine, yet each day when I check the
>access.logs with some stats scripts, it's the busiest machine on the floor.
> Not always 25%, but always at least 15%.

        Do you mean that it has the most number of requests at any one particular
time? Are you talking Squid cache stats or other form of stats. Since I
am shooting in the dark here, I will see if I can answer this.

        MSIE automatically opens as many connections, up to a maximum of 32 (most
I have ever reached), as it can when you choose a web page. Note that the
text, each graphic, etc. is one connection. Netscape by default only
opens four at a time. Since MSIE downloads the whole html file first, then
gets all the pictures and videos, if on a lan, it will send quite a bit of
connections requests depending on the page. Whereas Netscape by default
does things slower. You will notice this is because Netscape was designed
for modem use, while MSIE was for lans. This increased connection rate
would cause more bandwidth consumption than the other machines.

        Not sure if this is the cause of your situation, but it is something that
I have tried and tested here.


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