Re: Squid multiple ports

From: Lincoln Dale <>
Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 18:57:34 +1000

> What advantage would I have, or for what purpose would I choose to
> implement the patch that enables squid to listen on different ports??
> Why would this help me??

the reason i wrote it was due to the queries from downstream customers (networks) from ourselves.

we run squid on port 80 for tcp requests. this is perhaps the most common port that caches run on.

out-of-the-box, squid talks about using port 3128.

many people downstream from us had setup their squid to neighbour off us, yet set their config to port 3128 tcp. thus, they bore the overhead of ICP requests, yet didn't get any real benefit from it (besides UDP_HITOBJ responses).

The idea being that using the patch, you can listen to port 80, cover the case of listening to port 8080 too (for good measure), and listen to 3128 too.

it won't distribute load in any way, although it is perhaps forseeable that some future (threaded) version of squid could run different ports in different threads. (ultimately, perhaps each incoming connection would handled in its own thread -- who knows).


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