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From: Noel Gatt <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 00:51:49 +0200

I have been visiting the official Squid site and several other related
sites but I haven't
found any real documentation such as one would find for INN or sendmail.
looking for something on the lines of design model, communications model,
cacheing algorithms, etc. Am I perhaps not fully aware of all the available
info. ?

Also, ASAIK, if you got a cache hierarchy, such as a parent and a single
where all the clients are going through the sibling, on a miss, the sibling
interrogate the parent. If the parent can't deliver the object, the sibling
establishes an Internet connection itself (pls. see diagram).

client --------------------------> sibling
------------------------------------> Internet
                                        \ /

Would it be possible for the parent to retrieve the object itself, and then
forwards it
to the sibling, both servers having the opporunity to cache the object ?

All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


Noel Gatt

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