Re: Questions out of interest

From: Gregory Maxwell <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 22:12:46 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 30 May 1997, Noel Gatt wrote:

> I have been visiting the official Squid site and several other related
> sites but I haven't
> found any real documentation such as one would find for INN or sendmail.
> I'm
> looking for something on the lines of design model, communications model,
> cacheing algorithms, etc. Am I perhaps not fully aware of all the available
> info. ?
 I think there are prob more resources then you think.. Like rfcs and
all.. Though the developers might do alot of talking in their moo.. (At
Project Mnemonic we use IRC but we have a bot that logs it all and a
search engine..)

> Also, ASAIK, if you got a cache hierarchy, such as a parent and a single
> sibling,
> where all the clients are going through the sibling, on a miss, the sibling
> will
> interrogate the parent. If the parent can't deliver the object, the sibling
> establishes an Internet connection itself (pls. see diagram).

 There is a patch agains 2.1.9 for 'PUSH" caching.. I think you could make
it do that..
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