Wow! Re: restricting sex oriented material

From: Juan Carlos Leon <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 09:15:24 +0500 (GMT)

Hey squiders! it seems that I started some discussion here, my apologies
about that, my question was really pointed to the technical answer about
blocking these sites, not to the moral/censorship stuff.

Just to let you know why I asked this, two months ago when I didn't have
any regex filter the amount of data downloaded from the Internet was over
900Mb, doing a grep over the log files for expresions like the ones in my
first post and resummarizing them gave an amount of over 300Mb of data, just
for sex oriented sites matching my regex. This is a fairly ammount of data
going through a 28.8kbps link in one month, don't you think?

Last month logs now with the filter on gave no more than 100mb of data on
suspicious sites I could get from the log files so I think my idea worked.
Since squid do all the DNS stuff I bloqued all DNS resolving from the server
to the PC clients so unless users get the IP address somewhere else this do

Now going to the technical matter about my question, thanks to everyone who
answered. My banned.txt file has about 15 lines of regex which I tend to
think would slowdown squid. Somebody mentioned about a way to speed up
case matching regex, can you please elaborate?



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