redirecting netscape downloads to local ftp ?

From: Andreas Reeh <>
Date: 14 Jun 1997 19:04:00 +0200

Hi Squiders,

sorry if this has been asked before, but I found nothing in the FAQ, nor
in the searchable archive at (is it no longer working? Most
text I searched for has not been found)

Ok, here me problem:

I have many users who think it's a good idea to download Netscape and
other very big files not from the original server but from one of the 50
mirrors they find :-(((
So these big objects are almost every time fetched from one of the many
mirrors instead frome the cache where they still are, but under an other

And now where Communicator final is out and MSIE will follow, both with
MANY MANY MANY mirrors this will block our small leased line and coast us
a lot of ip-traffic.

A solution for this problem would be a redirector that would redirect the
download-request to our local ftp-server (where always all new browsers
and other big stuff is uploaded - but the stupid users don't use our ftp

If Squid finds "ne32301p.exe" as the last part of a requested URL, the
redirect to "".

Has anybody done something like this ? Unfortunately I have absolutely no
experience and knowledge about the Squid redirector, so I would be VERY
happy if somebody has written a working solution and would allow me to use


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