Re: redirecting netscape downloads to local ftp ?

From: Cord Beermann <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 20:56:22 +0200 (MET DST)

Hallo! Du (Andreas Reeh) hast geschrieben:

>I have many users who think it's a good idea to download Netscape and
>other very big files not from the original server but from one of the 50
>mirrors they find :-(((

jo :(

>A solution for this problem would be a redirector that would redirect the
>download-request to our local ftp-server (where always all new browsers
>and other big stuff is uploaded - but the stupid users don't use our ftp
>If Squid finds "ne32301p.exe" as the last part of a requested URL, the
>redirect to "".
>Has anybody done something like this ? Unfortunately I have absolutely no
>experience and knowledge about the Squid redirector, so I would be VERY
>happy if somebody has written a working solution and would allow me to use

I use the redirector (from the example of the Release-notes) since
many months. I've not noticed any performance problems with the perl
script. (But there are now also C-redirectors available)

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
# Input Format:
# URL IP-Address/Hostname Ident Method
# - GET

# important! this will make an output on every input

while (<>) {
        $old = $_;
# Mirror sites.
# Format s|regex on the mirrors|destination path|;

# Netscape 4.0
        s|^.*/cc32e40.exe |ftp://official.mirror/path/to/the/dir/cc32e40.exe |;
# Aminet
# and so on.

# give them back
        unless ($old eq $_) {
        } else {

The last line makes that the statistics in cachemgr.cgi show me how
often the url has been rewritten.

I use the redirector to point known sites to the best mirrors for
me, so i have only cache this thing one time, and not for every

You can use it to get a specific big file from a local host (check
copyright before) and so on.

BTW: Anybody caching objects bigger than 8MB?


PS: One nearly off-topic word on Netscape 4.0: I've tried it on a
NT-machine and i found that it is very worse (unstable/buggy/slow)
(MS IE is very nice bugfree and secure software compared to that).
Have you expirienced something like that, too, or do i have to check
it again?

Especially i'm interested in (to be on topic again ;-) the automatic
proxy-configuration, which seems to be ignored.

And the AutoAdmin-tool which should be in the Professional Edition.
(I can't find it, what have i do to get/find/start it?)

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