Re: redirecting netscape downloads to local ftp ?

From: Duncan Anker <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 20:22:20 PDT

>PS: One nearly off-topic word on Netscape 4.0: I've tried it on a
>NT-machine and i found that it is very worse (unstable/buggy/slow)
>(MS IE is very nice bugfree and secure software compared to that).
>Have you expirienced something like that, too, or do i have to check
>it again?

I have found Netscape 4 to be reasonably stable (Every version of
Netscape on every O/S crashes sometimes :-). It is as fast as
previous versions, or seems to be. I haven't looked at IE 4.0
preview yet, but when I tried out IE 3.0 I had problems with it.
Maybe it was just personal preference. As for security, IE is *not*
secure, probably because MS tried to integrate it into the O/S without
proper testing. Maybe they've fixed all the problems now. Haven't
noticed any security problems with Netscape ...

>Especially i'm interested in (to be on topic again ;-) the automatic
>proxy-configuration, which seems to be ignored.

My auto proxy configuration works fine. I had a slight problem with
it -- when you change proxy type, I think you need to quit and start
again for it to pick up the change. That was the case with the
preview versions, at least.

>And the AutoAdmin-tool which should be in the Professional Edition.
>(I can't find it, what have i do to get/find/start it?)

Can't help you with this one

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