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From: Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
Date: 19 Jun 1997 17:02:28 +0200

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John E. Kozitzki <> wrote:
>>John E. Kozitzki wrote:
>>> Response time has been good with this setup, but would like to see it
>>> increase a little more.
>I just felt that since we support only 200 users and we average
>approximately 500 connections per hour, response should be a little more
>faster than it is currently. I am not complaining about the performance we
>are getting now, but I thought that I would throw this out to see if maybe
>I set something up wrong by using the wrong OS. My main concern is the
>delay in retrieving a page. If we have a couple of users on the Squid,
>requests are gathered quite fast. Once we begin adding another user and
>then another, delays begin to last a good minute. To me, it sounds like the
>program threads are not sharing Machine time properly. Maybe one user is
>taking all the Machine's power from the other users. This is what I am
>trying to determine.

Delay of a MINUTE? Hmm. How much memory do you have? Squid gets really
slow if it has to use swap. We average 15000 connections per hour, and
squid is really spiffy -I can't even tell I'm using a proxy server.
No delay at all.

Linux 2.0.30, Pentium/Pro 200, 128Mb of RAM, 8.5 Gb disk for squid-1.1.10
(2x 4.3 Gb Wide-SCSI striped with MD).

Hit ratio: 43% :) It's really worth it!


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