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From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 15:52:24 +0100

At 08:41 19/06/97 -0400, John E. Kozitzki wrote:
>>From: Martin Ibert <>
>>John E. Kozitzki wrote:
>>> Response time has been good with this setup, but would like to see it
>>> increase a little more.
>>Why would you want to see your response time increased?

>The reason?
>Good question.

Not really, it was just a joke I think!

>I just felt that since we support only 200 users and we average
>approximately 500 connections per hour, response should be a little more
>faster than it is currently. I am not complaining about the performance we
>are getting now, but I thought that I would throw this out to see if maybe
>I set something up wrong by using the wrong OS. My main concern is the
>delay in retrieving a page. If we have a couple of users on the Squid,
>requests are gathered quite fast. Once we begin adding another user and
>then another, delays begin to last a good minute. To me, it sounds like the
>program threads are not sharing Machine time properly. Maybe one user is
>taking all the Machine's power from the other users. This is what I am
>trying to determine.

Well I've got more usage than that which is handled perfectly happily by a
486 with 32MB of memory running Linux 2.0.30. I suspect there is something
wrong somewhere. Have you looked for anything wrong in cache.log and
access.log? Are you in a cache hierarchy, and is it the hierarchy at fault?
Is your neighbor_timeout more than 2 seconds in squid.conf? How long do DNS
lookups take? Is it just as slow for things fetched out of the cache (and
have you checked they are out of the cache, i.e. TCP_HIT, in access.log)?
Does any output of the cache manager interface look odd? Particularly the
AVG RTT of anything else in your cache hierarchy. Does a "top" or "vmstat"
show excessive swapping, or something else consuming CPU/memory?

A machine of your spec running Linux should be good for >1000 users without
too much effort.

Jonathan L.

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