Re: restricting sex oriented material

From: Sean O'Brien <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 16:33:13 +1000

> This have been working great but users find new sites so from time to time I
> have to browse the log files which most of the time are in the order of
> several megabytes, and search for suspicious sites.

We ban Sex sites in 4 ways, described below.

Background We have around 150 Student Terminals and 100
staff ones.
We have each class room in a seperate spoofed class c
IP range (we use a number of the 192.168.??.?? test
ranges) so we can turn on and off rooms as teachers
require, we use NW4.11 for internal subnet routing
and filtcfg for turning on and off.

Staff machines are routable and we define them in
squid.conf as
acl nudgee src

NEways here are the ways we doit.

1. Ban access to ip address, force the use of FQDNs, this
can be quite limiting as a large number of legit. sites use
ip addresses in there links. So we have it setup so staff
machines are exempt from this limitation (infact all staff
machines are uncensored.)
acl IPADDRS url_regex://[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+
http_access deny !nudgee IPADDRS

2. We ban a list (I am still converting it in to a list
like yours) of keywords using url_regex: similar to what
you have. We had to remove sex because of msexcel, Essex,
excellence etc etc etc. Also they spell f*ck a lot of
different ways eg. ph*ck etc etc.

3. We ban a number of domains, because of their content
acl censor0 domain
http_access deny !nudgee IPADDRS
this can also be a list (I am working on it)

4. Similar to the above, except we ban the advertisement
sites, eg. etc. This also helps to reduce

> So I was wondering if anybody knows a better way to do this, and does anybody
> knows a place that lists all the sex related sites so I can just download
> updated lists from time to time?
I run a script every night (using cron) that basically
rotates the log files, runs squid stat scripts and more
importantly does multiple greps of the access.log.0 for a
large number of suspect words eg. sex, women, girl, teen,
drug, hack. Then mails the file to me. I go through it the
next day, check the sites, then ban them as needed. (takes
about 10 - 20 mins a day).

As for a sexsite ban list service: I haven't found one,
however I would be happy to help in creating/maintaining


Sean O'Brien
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                              -A wise man.
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