Re: Work Around For COmmunicator

From: Don Rolph <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 07:50:11 -0400

Tim Smith wrote:
> said:
> > If I hit the reload button I get TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH:PARENT_HIT.
> > Again I am running communicator 4.01. I am running Squid 1.1.11.
> > Enjoy!
> If you follow a link in Communicator, it will send a normal GET, or IMS GET.
> However, my experiments show that if you type something into the Location bar,
> or select something off your bookmarks list, both very common activities, you
> will see TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH for everything on the requested page, whether it
> was already in Netscape's cache or not (unless you have it set to never
> compare the document to the network, which is a bit troublesome to work with).

Again I am testing with netscape communicator 4.01 and Squid 1.1.11.
When I go to a bookmark, I initially get:

If I return to the bookmark I get:

I do not see a TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH.

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