Re: Work Around For COmmunicator

From: Tim Smith <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 10:02:38 +0100 said:
> If I hit the reload button I get TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH:PARENT_HIT.
> Again I am running communicator 4.01. I am running Squid 1.1.11.
> Enjoy!

If you follow a link in Communicator, it will send a normal GET, or IMS GET.
However, my experiments show that if you type something into the Location bar,
or select something off your bookmarks list, both very common activities, you
will see TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH for everything on the requested page, whether it
was already in Netscape's cache or not (unless you have it set to never
compare the document to the network, which is a bit troublesome to work with).
Given the amount of bookmarking around and typing in of URLs from magazines
most of our users do, this is quite a big loss on the cache, particularly
as bookmarked sites tend to be the popular ones where the cache is most

It *should* just do a GET or IMS GET in these circumstances, and (IMO) just a
GET or IMS GET on a reload. It should force a refresh on shift-reload only.

Be that as it may, I shall have a play and see what I can come up with. It
will be nice on my home dialup too, not to have Communicator re-fetching
things I know darn well are already in its own cache, as well as Squid's,
since I've looked at them in the last 5 minutes.

Tim Smith
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