Re: File descriptor leaks; misc queries

From: Peter Marelas <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 09:29:22 +1000 (EST)

I have been running 1.NOVM.11 for some time on a FreeBSD RELEASE 2.2.2
with no FD problems.

It could be OS specific.

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Edward Henigin wrote:

> I was browsing through my unread squid mail, and saw this
> message, and it caught my interest, because I've also seen some FD
> leakage for 1.NOVM.11, we're up to 656 FD's in use after 6 days. I
> have to restart the server every week or so, as it runs out of FD's.
> I'm fairly busy, so I don't have much time to document the issue, other
> than to let the developers know that I'm seeing the problem, too..
> (tho I'd be happy to help document the issue if someone wants to tell
> me how.)
> Ed
> --
> On Wed, Jul 02, 1997 at 11:48:57AM +0100, WWW server manager said:
> > Back in May, a number of people commented that Squid 1.NOVM.10 seemed to
> > accumulate an ever-increasing number of file descriptors open to zero-length
> > cache files, and I've also been having trouble with this. I typically see
> > pairs of them in cachemgr.cgi output, one listed as reading and the other as
> > writing).
> >
> > I tried upgrading to 1.NOVM.11 today, in the hope that it might fix the
> > problem, but it looks as though it is still accumulating old open file
> > descriptors just as before, though not many yet as it's only be running a
> > few hours. Highest FD used is 156, but only around 30 actually in use total
> > (with 1.NOVM.10 I've seen it as high as 500+ overnight at times when there
> > were fewer than 10 requests per minute). The high FDs are open to zero-length
> > files last modified a couple of hours ago...
> [.... deletia ....]

Peter Marelas

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