Multiple 'routes' through cache

From: Erik Walthinsen <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 19:37:04 -0700

I have a configuration at home that needs quite a bit of help:

I have two ppp interfaces, one is my dad's account, one is mine. He wants
to be able to connect 'his' modem to 'his' line and browse from his computer.
However, I would like to be able to browse from my systems (localhost and
omicron from squid's perspective), through the same cache (for space and
performance reasons), but have the traffic go over my interface, while his
travels over 'his' interface.

Is it possible for squid to support a tcp_outgoing_addr *based* on the client
IP? If so, I could simply say:

# shell variables used for clarity, not actual config
PPPIF1= # reconfig'd for each connect of my modem
PPPIF2= # reconfig'd for each connect of dad's modem
ROUTER= # the machine running squid, plus my Xterminal
PHREDD= # my dad's PC
OMICRON= # my laptop

tcp_route $PPPIF2 $OMICRON

This way I can make sure that traffic will go from my browsers through my
account, and my dad's traffic will go through his account.

Please reply via e-mail since I am not on the squid-users list (that'd be
another dozen or two message a day on top of my ~150/day...)


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