Problem starting cache after reboot.

From: Armistead, Jason <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 23:13:54 -0400


I'm running Squid 1.1.11 on Solaris 2.5.1, with the recommended patches
as of 7/7/97 from Sun's site. I *tried* to search the mailing list
archives first, but couldn't get any matches for any search string with
more than one word. Does the search engine have some strange AND/OR
logic I don't understand ????

OK, so here's the problem.

HTTP_PORT set to 8080
ICP port set to 0

RunCache gives the following message.
commBind: Cannot bind socket FD 19 to *:8080 (125) Address already in

Hang on though, I've just rebooted, and there's nothing (or should be)
nothing running at the moment.

Can anyone explain ? Are there some patches I should get from Sun, or
perhaps some special way to build Squid (I followed the instructions
given to the best of my knowledge).

RunCache looks like this ....

# $Id:,v 1.7 1996/10/31 07:28:58 wessels Exp $

export PATH

if test "$1" ; then
        conf="-f $1"

while : ; do
        echo "Running: squid -sY $conf >> $logdir/squid.out 2>&1"
        start=`date '+%d%H%M%S'`
        squid -sY $conf >> $logdir/squid.out 2>&1
        stop=`date '+%d%H%M%S'`
        t=`expr $stop - $start`
        if test 0 -le $t -a $t -lt 5 ; then
                failcount=`expr $failcount + 1`
        if test $failcount -gt 5 ; then
              echo "RunCache: EXITING DUE TO REPEATED, FREQUENT
                exit 1
        sleep 10

Which is basically "out of the box" except for the fact that the base
directory is now /disk2/squid, which suits my configuration just fine.
I start the cache with a file in /etc/rc3.d that has the following line:

/disk2/squid/bin/RunCache &

So now I'm really baffled.

In case it's important, I'm running the Apache 1.2.0 web server on port

Any ideas appreciated. Please cc: me as well as the mailing list. I'm
not sure if I subscribed correctly.


Jason Armistead OR
Received on Mon Jul 14 1997 - 20:24:47 MDT

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