Re: Squid and Communicator Part II

From: Umar Goldeli <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 02:28:55 -0500 (EST)

> And yes, I sent in a bug report to Netscape; I hope that others who also
> see this problem likewise give Netscape as much information about their
> environments as possible so this can be fixed as quickly as possible -
> especially in light of the fact that the problem does not appear to be

> I've been told (but haven't been able to confirm this) that Netscape 4 for
> Solaris and Netscape 4 for Windows 95 are also affected, so it could be
> something that Netscape have decided in all their wisdom is "better for
> business" - unless many people complain, they probably won't fix it.

How about creating a "form-letter" including the problems with
Communicator and a request for it to be fixed and posting it here (and
anywhere else that sysadmins "hang-out") so we can all express a "mass
concern" and forward it to Netscape? A "form-letter" would be an easy
solution for not-so-experienced Squid admins who don't necessarily know
about the problem -> to netscape a bug report is a bug report (I hope). :)

Considering the number of people who subscribe to this list alone (real
figures anyone?) - it would make Netscape a lot more willing to fix this
if they received several thousand complaints rather than the isolated few.

After all, who can disagree? Life will be better for end users AND admins.

Considering that 99.9999% of Squid users have Netscape products feeding
from their caches, it would be only fair to address this issue.

One more thing.. is it just me or is there an "anti-caching" sentiment
arising in the corporate giants? - what with Micro$oft sending "expired
last millenium headers" and Net$cape doing this - it makes one wonder
which way the world is going... I don't know about Netscape and M$, but
nobody I know gets free bandwidth...


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