Re: Squid and Communicator Part II

From: David J N Begley <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 16:15:22 +1000 (EST)

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997, Umar Goldeli wrote:

> How about creating a "form-letter" including the problems with
> Communicator and a request for it to be fixed and posting it here (and
> anywhere else that sysadmins "hang-out") so we can all express a "mass
> concern" and forward it to Netscape?

I just emailed 'em the appropriate info, as per their bug-reporting form:

(You could probably just as easily enter the details into the form
instead.) In short, I sent:

  - Navigator/Communicator version (4.01 Preview Relase 6, Export Version).
  - Platform (PC, Linux, kernel version, libc version, distribution
    version, executable format - ELF).
  - Explanation of the problem (that Navigator is now adding "Pragma:
    no-cache" when it shouldn't, ultimately raising our network costs).
  - Bug severity (URGENT!).
  - Can the problem be reproduced (you betcha).

I don't think identical "form letters" would necessarily convince Netscape
that the problem is genuine (which it is) - they'd probably get the
impression that we're "out to get 'em" (who, us?!) and so ignore the
reports, or at least put it at a low priority.

Just as long as the necessarily bits of information is there, it should be
fine (or just use the on-line form at the above URL).

> One more thing.. is it just me or is there an "anti-caching" sentiment
> arising in the corporate giants?

Pure speculation here - anyone with deep pockets, or anyone with a fixed
network connection charge, has little economic incentive to care about
traffic cost reduction (a huge benefit of proxy caching); while it's a
pain to us as we pay for every byte we receive, they simple "don't see the
point" because they don't suffer the same pain (network traffic charges).

> ...what with Micro$oft sending "expired last millenium headers"...

Yeah, but that's Microsoft - it's self-explanatory. When have they ever
done anything that was "right" or "made sense"?? ;-)


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