Re: Squid and Communicator Part II

From: Dave Zarzycki <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 97 22:31:55 -0700

>One more thing.. is it just me or is there an "anti-caching" sentiment
>arising in the corporate giants? - what with Micro$oft sending "expired
>last millenium headers" and Net$cape doing this - it makes one wonder
>which way the world is going... I don't know about Netscape and M$, but
>nobody I know gets free bandwidth...

From what I have noticed, some web server admins don't like placing trust
in caching servers to deliver the most up to date page. On the other
hand, the latest version of Netscape doesn't trust the cache either... It
is too bad that caching servers are a great idea, but end users don't
quite understand how it helps them (without some explanation). Then
again, I have had a hard time trying to convince my superiors/co-workers
at school/work to use squid when the mentality is, "If it ain't broke,
don't fix it!" Not to mention when I tell them that 2-8GB of disk and
64-256MB of RAM is needed... ;-)

Personal comment about Microsoft and Netscape (among the many web
servers), who always have there documents expire instantly. They are
relatively rich corporations who don't care how much bandwidth costs
(it's cheap to them anyway), and more hits equals a bigger ego, just like
the "my machine is faster than your machine..."


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