Re: Easy way to increase cache size without flushing cache?

From: WWW server manager <>
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 00:23:54 +0100 (BST)

Henny Bekker wrote:
> Dear Mike,
> > Now that I've got Squid up and running swimmingly, I'm interested in
> > increasing the size of the cache to fill up the room left over by the
> > shut-down of the Apache cache. Is there a way to do this without entirely
> > erasing the cache? Do I just increase "cache_size" and HUP it? How many
> > storage dirs should I have for a particular cache size?
> >
> You can increase the "cache_size" and then kill -HUP the Squid server.
> What you can't do without problems in adding another "cache_dir"..
> Squid assumes that the caches are of the same size..It just alternates
> between the caches for every object which gets stored.

When I tried that (not sure which version; 1.1.something or 1.NOVM.something;
whatever was current a month or two ago...), it looked as though HUP was not
enough. Either that, or the cachemgr display showed the old cache size even
though Squid was actually using more space as specified in the updated
configuration - the Max Swap size that was displayed was the pre-edit value.
When I restarted Squid, the cache.log entries showed it was using the new size.

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