Re: Squid & Netscape "shortcut"

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 19:52:21 +0100

At 14:14 06/08/97 +0100, Dave Pascoe wrote:
>You know that cute little feature in Netscape that lets you type in,
>say, just 'apple' in the Location window and it then tries, in turn:
>? Many of our users like this much, in fact, that I've run
>into this as an obstacle to the company-wide deployment of my Squid
>Has anyone implemented this rewriting in Squid? Is it undesirable?
>If there's demand, I may take a stab at it and submit diffs to the
>development team.

You might be able do it with a redirector. If the host part of the URL is
unqualified it could do a DNS lookup on each of and Admittedly it wouldn't use squid's internal IP cache, but it
wouldn't block squid, and the name server pointed to by your resolver will
be caching things anyway, so there's no big deal.

The only problem is if either the browser or other parts of squid complain
about no protocol (i.e. http://). I don't have Netscape, so I can't test this.

Try just typing in apple in Netscape and seeing what gets logged in
access.log (if anything).

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