Re: Hot Mail

From: Bernd Driegert <>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 16:25:04 +0200

Edwin Culp wrote:

> I'm using squid 1.1.15 with
> http_anonymizer standard
> My customers have been having problems with
> that just started and are receiving the following message
> Intrusion Logged. Access denied.
> Has anyone else had the problem and what is the best fix
> without changing the anonymizer?

The Problem is, that Hotmail uses for 'security' reasons the IP address.
If auser logs in, the get IP address, and then, while this session, it
must be the
same address. The problem occours also when you use siblings and
more then one parent and your proxys cant fetch direct..

As far as I know, Hotmail is not interested in change their system,
with this problem occurs also.
Someone sayed to me that works (I havent tried it yet).
If it works, your users can change and use this service.


> ed

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