Re: Squid & Transparent proxy?

From: Dave Zarzycki <>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 97 17:22:13 -0700

>Has somebody ever played with Linux' transparent Proxy and Squid, to make
>all requests to any host on port 80 to be redirected to port 3128 on the
>squid host - and got it working, so that the users won`t have to
>configure their machines for proxy-use and that they won`t recognioze
>this happening. Or may that be impossible ?

Yes I have done it. You either need to adjust the squid.conf file to know
what is going on, or have a send program do it for you (less efficient).

On another note, Linux 2.0.30 Transparent proxy is somewhat broken. You
can only redirect to the same port that the original packet was intended
for. Use 2.0.29 if you need to redirect to an arbitrary port.


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