Re[2]: Squid & Transparent proxy?

From: Jan Jungnickel <>
Date: Wed Aug 20 03:59:21 1997

On Tue, 19 Aug 97 17:22:13 -0700
Dave Zarzycki <> wrote:

:>Has somebody ever played with Linux' transparent Proxy and Squid, to make
:>all requests to any host on port 80 to be redirected to port 3128 on the
:>squid host - and got it working, so that the users won`t have to
:>configure their machines for proxy-use and that they won`t recognioze
:>this happening. Or may that be impossible ?
:Yes I have done it. You either need to adjust the squid.conf file to know
:what is going on, or have a send program do it for you (less efficient).

This means, you have it running with squid ?
:On another note, Linux 2.0.30 Transparent proxy is somewhat broken. You
:can only redirect to the same port that the original packet was intended
:for. Use 2.0.29 if you need to redirect to an arbitrary port.

I found out about this bug playing with redirecting, and have now
downgraded to 2.0.29.
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