Problem with Installing Squid

From: Jason Heskett <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 17:44:02 +1000

Good day to all....

I am only new to this and probably missing something here, so please bare
with me if this is a silly question...

I am trying to install Squid 1.1.15 on Redhat Linux 3.0.3 .

All seems to have compiled ok, with the exception of
'/usr/local/squid/cache' directories.
I have successfully created these cache directories by running 'squid -z'.

However, when I run Squid, 'RunCache' I get the following error logged....
        97/08/29 09:03:45| file_open: error opening file
/usr/local/squid/cache/log: (13) Permission denied
        FATAL: Cannot open swap logfile: /usr/local/squid/cache/log

This file seemed to be missing altogether. So I (rightly or wrongly)
created an empty file with that name. Now when I start Squid again, I
        97/08/29 09:08:15| Rebuilding storage from disk image in
        97/08/29 09:08:18| file_open: error opening file
/usr/local/squid/cache/ (13) Permission denied
        97/08/29 09:08:18| storeStartRebuildFromDisk:
/usr/local/squid/cache/ (13) Permission denied
        FATAL: storeStartRebuildFromDisk: Can't open tmp swaplog

If anyone out there has any ideas, I would be very much appreciative. :-)

Thanks in advance....
Jason Heskett
Received on Fri Aug 29 1997 - 00:51:56 MDT

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