Re: Problem with Installing Squid

From: Tom Minchin <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 18:02:05 +1000 (EST)

> All seems to have compiled ok, with the exception of
> '/usr/local/squid/cache' directories.
> I have successfully created these cache directories by running 'squid -z'.
> However, when I run Squid, 'RunCache' I get the following error logged....
> 97/08/29 09:03:45| file_open: error opening file
> /usr/local/squid/cache/log: (13) Permission denied
> FATAL: Cannot open swap logfile: /usr/local/squid/cache/log
> This file seemed to be missing altogether. So I (rightly or wrongly)
> created an empty file with that name. Now when I start Squid again, I
> get.....
> 97/08/29 09:08:15| Rebuilding storage from disk image in
> /usr/local/squid/cache
> 97/08/29 09:08:18| file_open: error opening file
> /usr/local/squid/cache/ (13) Permission denied
> 97/08/29 09:08:18| storeStartRebuildFromDisk:
> /usr/local/squid/cache/ (13) Permission denied
> FATAL: storeStartRebuildFromDisk: Can't open tmp swaplog

Make sure squid is able to write the logs (this may mean you have to give
ownership of the log directory to squid's effective user). Also, if you
are starting from scratch you have to do a squid -z to start off the
cache directory (also, there is a mail about a bug in that you have to
chown -R cache directory structure as well so squid can write to it).
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