Re: Cache traffic - odd?

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 97 11:02:20 +0200

On Saturday 4 September 97, at 16 h 55, the keyboard of Daniel Schroder
<> wrote:

> Does MRTG report packets or data ? ( I must implement
> it when I get a week for my birthday :)
> > An analysis of the squid log files shows about 22% less data fetched than
> > served. However the MRTG traffic analysis shows about equal traffic flow,
> > and sometimes the inbound traffic greatly exceeds the outbound. Some of

We have exactly the same problem on <>. See the difference between the FDDI savings (8 % in bytes) and the Squid savings <> (15 %).

I see no explanation for the discrepancy.

Bill Wichers said:

>This has
>to do with the way Ethernet handles packets (or so I'm told), and I don't
>know of any way around it.

I see no reason for that. Could you explain?

Jaye Mathisen suggested:

>Make sure that you have MRTG configured with or w/o the -1 to swap the
>in/out bytes.

Checked and seems coherent (we don't monitor a switch or a router but the cache machine itself).
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