Re: Does Squid beat the rest?

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 97 08:57:47 +0200

On Thursday 11 September 97, at 14 h 44, the keyboard of Jason F
<> wrote:

> I'm under contract to plan a medium-sized ISP buildout, and my client
> wants to use a proxy cache. I need some hard data on the results I can
> expect from Squid.

Do you request hard data from "the rest", too? If so, Squid is already
the only survivor of the competition :-)

> The numbers I'm most interested in are:
> typical cache hit rates
> Bandwidth %:
> Document %:

I fail to see how this can depend on the software used. It depends on the
pattern of use (i.e. your users), on the amount of hard disk, on the
policies you choose for expiring, on the education/force you exerced over
your users, etc.

It depends also on the situation of your cache in a hierarchy. accepts only clients which are themselves regional caches. So, it treats only "difficult" demands ( and are already cached at a lower level).
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