Caches in SprintLink or ACSI

From: Eric Wieling <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 23:51:33 -0500

I sent out a request several months ago and got one response.

I am interested in connecting with sibling caches that are on
SprintLink or ASCI. We are connected to the SprintLink's Dallas/Ft.
Worth hub, but are interested in peering with anyone on SprintLink.

I believe that ACSI runs a mostly ATM network and so it's tough to
figure out who is "closest" to us. We are in the process of turning
up our link to ACSI. Our connection to ACSI will have much more
bandwidth available on it than the SprintLink connection, and so we
are most interested in connecting with other caches on ACSI.


Eric Wieling

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