idea for making better the binary tree code for ACL's

From: Edward Henigin <>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 00:44:27 -0500

        I have an idea for making better the ACL search code.

        In situations where you have thousands of ACL's, putting
them into a binary tree (or a splay tree) should speed up the ACL
matching. It was brought up, however, that binary trees are inefficient
for the typical dataset that comprises ACL's.

        What if you were to compress the url?

        What if you were to use a dictionary based off of thousands
of random url's, store this dictionary staticly in the code, and
use this dictionary to compress the url before storing it?

        Would removing some of the redundancy in the url make it
faster to find?

        Or maybe I misunderstand how the binary tree is generated in
the first place...
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